Clean Up Your Content!

Never wonder 
"what should I post? "
on your cleaning company's social media - ever again.

With Content Clean Up, you won't have to post the same photo of beige carpet over and over.
My done-for-you social media templates will help you create
spotless social media posts in five minutes a week


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The Content Clean Up

Creating Spotless Social Media in 5 Minutes a Week

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Does this sound familiar?

  • Everyone says your business needs a social media presence
    but you never know what to post. 
  • You're tired of struggling to come up with photos and captions
    so your page becomes less active than it should be.
  • Sometimes it feels like social media is a waste of your valuable time.

What if...

 there was a way to remove the burden
of social media while 
boosting the results?

That's why I created The Content Clean Up!
I want to help you find more clients,
fill your schedule, and
make more money without sacrificing your time
or the other important functions
of your cleaning or restoration business.

So if you want to maximize your social media presence
and convert more customers in just 5 minutes a week,

The Content Clean Up

is for you!

Ashley Gregory Hackett photo Clean up Content

Hi, I'm Ashley Gregory Hackett.

I'm a small business social media coach. I've built several successful beauty brands and amassed a large following, so I've learned what kind of content resonates with clients.

I grew up in the cleaning and restoration industry and know firsthand the demands of this business!

Creating content in the cleaning world isn't easy - so let me take the guesswork out of it.

My goal is to help you build your social media return on investment without spending hours and hours struggling to create content - time better spent elsewhere in your business!

What you get when you grab The Content Clean Up:

Done-For-You Content Templates

50 fully customizable plug-and-play Canva templates for every aspect of your cleaning business - services, seasons, & promotions.

Canva Quick Tour

Get up and running with Canva in just minutes. Not tech savvy? - No problem! Canva is a free drag & drop program. This video training covers it all.

Brand Booster Game Plan

Crystalize your brand with this helpful game plan. Set your brand colors, font, & voice to make your template process as efficient as possible. 

Post Pre-Treatment

A handy checklist to help you get your templates ready to post! Makes the process super efficient - to under 5 minutes a week!

Spotless Social System

The tried & true proprietary content planning calendar & sample schedule that allows you to set it & get back to your business. 

All of these items separately are worth $297!

But you can grab them in a bundle for only $44. I want to make this a no-brainer price for you to get results fast!

Who is The Content Clean Up for?

The Content Clean Up is perfect for any cleaning business - 
whether your specialty is carpet, janitorial, hard surface, or disaster restoration.

Cleaning Business Owners & Managers

Using The Content Clean Up is a powerful way to maximize your marketing efforts - allowing you to focus on your team.
This system helps you to generate higher-quality leads (and sales), educate your existing customers, and be proactive with your social media presence.
Get out in front of your social and create more interest in your necessary services.

Marketers & Assistants

Accomplish more in less time - all while positively affecting the bottom line.
Time is limited, and The Content Clean Up is designed to be fully-customizable while remaining plug-and-play. Add your brand colors and logo, and hit post.
The included proven Spotless Social System teaches you how to streamline your business social media time spent to under 5 minutes a week.

Social Media Novices

Even if you've never felt totally comfortable designing a social media strategy for a cleaning business, The Content Clean Up walks you through every step.
With easy-to-follow video training and helpful checklists, this system will take you through the process to create engaging, highly converting social media content that will build the know, like, & trust factor with both current and prospective customers.

Here's How This Works:

  1. Grab your digital copy of The Content Clean Up here.
  2. Check your inbox for your log-in info & jump in today!
  3. Open the Done-For-You Templates in Canva & start customizing.
  4. Follow the Spotless Social System & start posting!

FAQs about The Content Clean Up

What if I'm not tech-savvy?

Great! There's no need to be. I've included all of the tech tutorials and templates to make this easy for you, and better yet, fast for you.
By the end of this short program, even a total beginner will be able to customize the Canva templates with ease, and schedule engaging, professional social media content in under 5 minutes a week.

How do Canva templates work?

Canva is an easy-to-use free online drag-and-drop graphic design program that allows the use of pre-made templates.
Upon purchase of The Content Clean Up, you'll gain immediate and lifetime access to 50 content templates made for the professional cleaning industry.
You can customize the templates as little or as much as you like, and download them to your device to post to your social media pages.

Will this work for my specialized cleaning business?

Absolutely! Since the templates are completely customizable, you can make them fit even the most specialized cleaning or restoration business with ease.
The rest of the system is designed to apply to any small business, no matter how specific the niche.

Do 50 templates = 50 social media posts?

Not even a little bit. The 50 included social media templates are easy to change up by dropping in a new photo, changing the font, or plugging in a new seasonal special. The possibilities are limitless, so you won't run out of posts or inspiration.
The more you use the templates, the more comfortable you'll get with remixing them over and over.

Can I buy this, try it out, and then ask for a refund?

Given the digital nature of The Content Clean Up and the fact that you can learn and implement these strategies in just a few hours, we do not offer refunds.
But this isn't a shot from half court at the buzzer!
The methods included in this system are tried and true.
They're the exact strategies I used to build my multi-six figure businesses.
Once you try the entire system, you'll be thinking of another r-word: Referral.

Will other cleaning businesses near me have the same content?

Even though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it's not likely. Since the templates are completely customizable, switchable, and remix-able, it's highly improbable that your direct competition would have the exact same post as you.

Here's What You'll Learn in The Content Clean Up

The best ways to revamp your existing social media presence while making your process more efficient. With my done-for-you content templates, never wonder what to post - ever again!

How to be proactive in planning your social media content. By following
The Spotless Social System, you can say goodbye to uncertainty and start making a difference in your business in as little as Five Minutes a Week!

Exactly when to post to your social media accounts to get your content seen by the most potential clients possible. Learn how to determine the best days of the week and time of day to post.

How to write a caption that gets attention! Learn how to stop the scroll and create engaging, sales-driving copy that launches your photos and videos to the next level, without spending hours and hours to do it.

How to shine up your brand and get it ready for prime time. Crystalize your brand vision and solidify what makes your business unique, streamlining your marketing efforts in the process.

Praise for Ashley Gregory Hackett

 "Ashley always makes it so easy and fun to understand and achieve your goals plus she's very helpful too. Don't miss out - you'll be sorry."

Amanda W.

Social Media Student

"I thought I knew what to do but Ashley helps you map out a clear and precise plan that is catered to your goals with so many added tips and tricks.
Very helpful!"
Chelsea B.

Social Media Student

"Thank you, Ashley! One of (if not the BEST) classes I've ever been to! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom."

Tammi N.

Social Media Student

Imagine where...

your business could be just one month from today.

Generating leads and brand awareness from your social media channels without a huge time commitment.

You could be growing your business in just 5 minutes a week, and investing your time savings elsewhere.

Your business social media channels building trust (and bookings) in the background!

Now is the time to take action. The Content Clean Up helps you
create spotless social media for your cleaning business in just 5 minutes a week!

Grab your copy of The Content Clean Up today...


Now only $44

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!